3rd European

Rural Geographies Conference

 JUNE 26-30   

 2023, Groningen  
The Netherlands

Now that COVID-19 holds us in its grip a bit longer than we expected, the Local Organising Committee of the 3rd European Rural Geographies Conference has decided to cancel the 2021 Conference as well. It is too uncertain if we will be able soon. 

We have discussed alternative dates with the organisers of other rural conferences in Europe. Given that the Nordic Conference for Rural Research is scheduled for May 23rd – 25th 2022 in Finland, and the European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS) conference is scheduled for June 21-24 2022 in Aveiro-Portugal, we decided to set the new date for the Rural Geographies Conference to 2023 and chose 26-30 June. 

You will receive more information and a new calls for papers mid-2022


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